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Lockdown Theatre

As part of our #lockdowntheatre project, we've been translating and reciting our favourite poetry, singing socially distanced carols and marking famous writers' anniversaries. We kept busy!

'Testament' by Oleg Sentsov

Oleg Sentsov was on hunger strike in a Russian prison demanding the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia. In 2018, to support his cause, Molodyi Teatr London adapted and read his beautiful short story, ‘Testament’.

The Other Half of the Maidan

Performed at AUGB London, Holland Park, 2015.

This verbatim performance was based on powerful eyewitness accounts collected by Molodyi Teatr director Olesya Khromeychuk during her trip to Ukraine to research women’s roles in the Maidan protests and the subsequent war in eastern Ukraine.

Vertep - Ukrainian Nativity Play

Performed at a variety of venues, 2015-2020.

Each year Molodyi Teatr presents its own tongue-in-cheek take on the traditional Ukrainian Christmas play – not without the odd reference to contemporary politics!



Photo: Sasha Taran, 2015

Photo: Sasha Taran, 2015



Photo: Anna Morgan, 2019

Photo: Marichka Fin, 2019

Holodomor Remembrance Day Performance

Performed at the Ukrainian Institute London, Holland Park, 2013.

This verbatim play, performed in English, Russian and Ukrainian, drew on testimonies of survivors of the 1932-33 artificial famines in the USSR, which killed millions of people in Ukraine and in other parts of the Soviet Union.

The Dream (Son) by Taras Shevchenko

Performed at AUGB London, Holland Park, 2013.

Molodyi Teatr’s innovative adaptation of Taras Shevchenko’s classic poem The Dream, a biting satire of imperialism, oppression and a hymn to hope and freedom.

Batiary - Loveable Rogues from Lviv

Performed at AUGB London, Holland Park, 2013.

We presented our own musical sketch about the legendary loveable rogues of the streets of L’viv/Lwów/Lemberg, who are well known in Polish and Ukrainian urban folklore. Featuring original 1930s songs.

Celebration of Artistic Resistance

Performed at AUGB London, Holland Park, 2012.

Molodyi Teatr presented a dramatic interpretation of a selection of songs and poems by Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish writers who in their own ways resisted or protested against oppression and violence. Authors represented included Vasyl Stus, Lina Kostenko, Evgeny Evtushenko and Hayim Nahman Bialik.

My Language

Performed at AUGB London, Holland Park, 2012.

A short, experimental ‘wordless’ performance about language, identity and belonging.

Burns Night at the Ukrainian Institute

Ukrainian Institute, London, February 2012

Molodyi Teatr put on an evening of food, song and poetry dedicated to the great Robert Burns, with readings and singing in Scots, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, French and possibly a few other languages. Haggis and whiskey rounded off the evening. See here for more information.

The Lost Letter (Propala Hramota) by Mykola Hohol (Nikolai Gogol)

Performed at AUGB London and the Ukrainian Institute, December 2011.

Our take on the short story by Nikolai Gogol, and based loosely on the script of the classic 1972 Borys Ivchenko film. A group of hapless Cossacks risks life and limb, encounters the devil, and drinks a lot of vodka on a fantastical, absurd journey through Ukraine to deliver a letter to the Empress.

Ukrainian Independence Day Performance - Contemporary Ukrainian Poets

AUGB London, August 2011

A show made up of some of the best works by contemporary Ukrainian poets, including Serhii Zhadan, Iurii Andrukhovych, Viktor Neborak and Oleksandr Irvanets’, including our interpretations of the great songs of the Ukrainian band Braty Hadiukiny.

The Night Before Christmas (Nich Pered Rizdvom) by Mykola Hohol (Nikolai Gogol)

Various venues, 2010-2011.

Our take on Gogol’s classic Christmas story, featuring all kinds of Cossacks, witches and devils.